The Ultimate Guide To TD Bank Routing Numbers[2024]


In banking and finance, routing numbers are pivotal in ensuring the smooth processing of numerous transactions. TD Bank, one of North America’s most significant and influential financial institutions, is no exception. Often overlooked yet crucial, these routing numbers act as the bank’s digital address, guiding funds to their correct destination.

But what exactly is a routing number, and why is it so important for customers of TD Bank? This article aims to explain the concept of routing numbers and provide a comprehensive understanding of their function, especially in TD Bank. Knowing your TD Bank routing number is essential when setting up a direct deposit, managing automatic bill payments, or initiating wire transfers.

As we delve into everything about TD Bank routing numbers, we’ll explore how they are determined, their various uses, and how you can easily find the specific routing number you need for different types of transactions. This information is not just a matter of routine banking; it’s about empowering you, the customer, with the knowledge to navigate the financial landscape confidently and efficiently.

Understanding TD Bank Routing Numbers

In the financial universe, a routing number is akin to a postal code for banks. This 9-digit code, sometimes called an American Bankers Association (ABA) number, serves as an identifier for financial institutions in the United States. Originally designed to streamline the process of sorting, bundling, and shipping paper checks, routing numbers have evolved to play a crucial role in today’s electronic banking landscape.

Each routing number is unique to a specific bank or credit union, facilitating not just the processing of checks but also enabling a myriad of electronic transactions. These include direct deposits, bill payments, and wire transfers. Think of a routing number as a bank’s electronic address; it ensures that the money you send or receive arrives at the correct financial institution.

TD Bank Specifics

With its rich history and expansive network, TD Bank is a cornerstone in the North American banking sector. It operates in numerous states, each with its distinct routing number. This diversity in routing numbers is not just a bureaucratic formality but integral to the bank’s operational efficiency. Each TD Bank routing number corresponds to a specific geographic area or type of transaction, ensuring that funds are directed accurately and swiftly.

This differentiation in routing numbers is vital for TD Bank due to its vast and varied customer base. The bank’s clients rely on these routing numbers, from individual account holders to large corporations, for various financial activities. Whether it’s an entrepreneur in Florida setting up payroll for their startup or a family in Connecticut managing their savings account, the routing number stands as a silent yet indispensable facilitator of their banking needs.

How to Find Your TD Bank Routing Number

Walking into the world of banking can sometimes feel like a complex puzzle. Among the most essential pieces of this puzzle is your TD Bank routing number, a key to successfully conducting various financial transactions. Let’s explore how you can effortlessly locate this crucial number.

Methods to Locate Routing Numbers

1. On Checks

The classic method to find your routing number is by looking at your TD Bank checks. On the bottom left corner of every check, you’ll find this 9-digit number. It’s usually the first set of numbers printed on the bottom of your checks, to the left of your account number. This method is straightforward and reliable, ensuring you use the correct number for check-related transactions​​.

TD Bank Routing Numbers

 2. Online Banking and Mobile Apps

 In today’s digital age, finding your routing number can be as simple as a few clicks or taps. Access your TD Bank online banking account or mobile app. Here, you’ll typically find your routing number displayed in the account details or account information section. This convenient method provides a quick solution for those who don’t use physical checks.

 3. Contacting Customer Service

 If you prefer a more personal touch or need additional assistance, getting TD Bank’s customer service is a reliable option. Whether through a phone call or a visit to your local branch, their team can provide you with the routing number specific to your account.

State-Wise Routing Numbers

TD Bank, a vast financial institution, operates across various regions in the United States, and each region has its unique routing number. These numbers are based on where you opened your account. For instance, if you opened your account in Florida, your routing number would differ from someone who opened theirs in Maine. Here are some examples:

StateRouting number
Rhode Island211370545
Metro District of Columbia054001725
New Hampshire011400071
New Jersey031201360
New York – Metro026013673
New York – Upstate021302567
North Carolina053902197
Rhode Island211370545
South Carolina053902197

Using the correct routing number for your region is essential, especially when setting up direct deposits or initiating wire transfers. Using the wrong routing number can lead to delays or misrouting of funds.

Moreover, the routing number may vary depending on the type of transaction. Domestic wire transfers and international wire transfers might require different routing numbers. The routing number for international wire transfers to TD Bank is typically 031101266, while domestic transactions may use state-specific routing numbers​​​​​​.

Uses of TD Bank Routing Numbers

A routing number is more than just a series of digits; it’s a key component in the smooth execution of numerous financial transactions. Let’s investigate how TD Bank utilizes these numbers across different banking services.

Transactions Involving Routing Numbers

Setting up Direct Deposits and Automatic Payments

One of the most common uses of routing numbers is in setting up direct deposits – be it your paycheck, government benefits, or other forms of income. You enable a seamless transfer of funds into your account by providing TD Bank’s routing and account numbers to your employer or benefits provider. Similarly, when you set up automatic bill payments for utilities, credit cards, or subscriptions, your TD Bank routing number is essential to authorize these transactions. It acts as a guide, ensuring your payments are deducted from the correct account without hiccups​​.

 Domestic and International Wire Transfers:

Wire transfers are another area where routing numbers are crucial. You’ll use TD Bank’s routing number specific to your state or the general wire transfer routing number for domestic wire transfers. However, for international wire transfers, TD Bank uses a different routing number (031101266). This differentiation ensures that your funds are accurately channeled through the complex network of global banking systems​​​​.

ACH Transfers

The Automated Clearing House (ACH) network is a popular electronic network for financial transactions in the U.S. For ACH transfers, such as paying bills online or transferring money between accounts at different financial institutions, you’ll use TD Bank’s ACH routing number (031101266). This number is distinct from the routing numbers used for check processing and wire transfers, underscoring the tailored approach of routing numbers for different types of transactions​​.

Routing numbers are an indispensable part of modern banking, serving as the backbone for various financial activities. Whether receiving your paycheck, paying your monthly bills, or sending funds to a friend or business overseas, these numbers ensure that your transactions are processed efficiently and securely.

In essence, TD Bank’s routing numbers are a critical element in the financial toolkit of any customer. They simplify managing your finances, ensuring that your transactions are executed smoothly and your financial goals are met precisely and efficiently.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a routing number, and why is it important? 

A routing number is a 9-digit code used to identify a financial institution in a transaction. Ensuring the transferred money reaches the correct bank and branch is crucial.

 How can I find my TD Bank routing number? 

You can find your routing number on the bottom left corner of your TD Bank checks, through your online banking account or mobile app, or by contacting TD Bank’s customer service.

 Are routing numbers different for domestic and international wire transfers?

 TD Bank uses other routing numbers for domestic and international wire transfers. For international wires, the routing number is generally 031101266​​​​​​.

 Is the routing number the same for all TD Bank branches? 

No, routing numbers can vary depending on the state where you opened your account and the type of transaction​​.

How is the routing number used in ACH transfers? 

The routing number for ACH transfers, typically used for electronic payments and direct deposits, differs from the one used for wire transfers. For TD Bank, it’s 031101266​​.

Security and Privacy Concerns

When it comes to banking, security, and privacy are paramount. TD Bank ensures that your routing number, while necessary for transactions, is handled with the utmost security. It’s important to share your routing number only with trusted entities and for legitimate banking purposes. Be cautious about sharing your banking details, including your routing number, to avoid potential fraud or misuse.


TD Bank’s routing numbers are fundamental to your banking experience, facilitating various transactions quickly and securely. Understanding how to find and use these numbers and recognizing their applications can significantly enhance your banking efficiency. Whether for setting up direct deposits, making wire transfers, or conducting ACH transactions, these routing numbers are essential in your financial toolkit.

In this digital age, where banking is more dynamic than ever, being informed about the nuances of routing numbers is not just a convenience—it’s a necessity. By leveraging this knowledge, you can ensure that your financial dealings with TD Bank are as smooth and secure as possible.

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